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Weekly Must

One of the few shows I auto download weekly


I absolutely adore these guys. I love their insights and are so adorably funny. This podcast is one of the few that made me laugh out loud in public. I wanted to update my review since I have now devoured (pun intended) bly manor and the mandalorian. I am so excited for wandavison. I did hope the boy would’ve covered bridgerton (Netflix and book series).

Love this podcast

A bite of is such a great idea. It’s a deep delve, chapter by chapter, on a subject. Great idea! I hadn’t watched The Mandalorian yet, but now I want to. And then I can come back episode by episode to Derek and Noah. They have the best conversations! Such a fun pair.

Talk about chemistry!

Found this podcast when I was looking for a recap of Bly Manor and kept listening ever since! The hosts have such great chemistry, I feel like I’m in the room with them! They are super engaging on social media which is refreshing! You guys are my favorite obsession! Can’t wait for the next season! ❤️

These guys make me laugh!

Every week I tune in to hear Derek and Noah give their recaps and breakdown on their current favorite pop culture obsession. All their thoughts are hilarious and insightful! Can’t wait to see where they go next! LOVED your Mandalorian coverage! Keep it up guys!

Season three rocked!!

LOVED season one and season two is even better! Listening to you guys talk about Bly Manor as you watch it is so much fun! Your theories and speculation are fun to hear and have you guys work out...even when they are wrong! 😂 Keep it up guys! Can’t wait to see where you go next! **Update! Just finished listening to the duo cover The Mandalorian and it didn’t disappoint! So much fun and super funny! You guys make my Monday's even better and I can’t wait to see what you cover next! Grogu Rescue Squad FOREVER!

It’s the giggles for me

They are fun to listen to. I can’t help but laugh with them, which gets you some strange looks when you have your EarPods in 😁 I am now invested with Frog Lady because of them.

Makes you laugh even if you are having a crap day.

What a wild year! I have had so much fun listening to A Bite Of by Derek and Noah. I agree with one of the other reviewers, it is like hanging out with your friends, having a drink and having a laugh. I started with Bly Manor so I could keep up with what others were talking about. I haven’t listened to season one because... Twilight meh, but I might go back and listen to their take on glittery vampires. You just need to laugh once in awhile right?!

Stole my brother’s iPhone to write this review.

Seriously, though. Derek and Noah are so awesome. Listening to their podcast is like meeting up with your best friends at your local diner and having a great, comfortable, easy, and fun conversation! Can’t wait to see what they take a bite of next. Derek and Noah, never stop making this podcast! Also... will you be my new best friends? The diner serves breakfast all day! -Kristina

A Delightful Pop Culture Podcast for Both Avid and Casual Listeners

I’d been following Derek and Noah on Instagram for awhile, so when I heard they were starting a podcast I was thrilled! As a fan of pop culture, I knew this would be right up my alley. Even when they’re talking about things I personally haven’t read and/or watched, their enthusiasm is utterly infectious, especially in their passion for segments like Ed-Words, and their season on Bly Manor was perfect for getting me into the spooky Halloween mood! Now that they’re talking about The Mandalorian and Star Wars is one of my first loves, I’m having even more fun listening to them as they cover each episode of the show! I can’t wait to see what they decide to cover for season 4! Honestly at this point I think I could listen to them talk about pretty much anything. Whether you’re a connoisseur of all things pop culture or more of an occasional participant, you will most certainly enjoy yourself while listening to A Bite Of, so go give them a listen!

Such a fun podcast!

I love this podcast! I found it because my teenage daughter and I had just finished Bly Manor and we wanted to discuss it with someone else. And what a treat! They truly made us laugh! We were sad when it was over. Now we are listening to The Mandalorian podcasts and enjoying them very much as well. I wish they had done a podcast on The Haunting of Hill House because they seem to love it as much as I do. We need more! My daughter and I cannot wait to get in the car and listen to this podcast!

Fun and entertaining!

Whether discussing Vampires, Haunted Houses or Yodians, Derek and Noah always make for an extremely fun and entertaining listen. They are very interactive with their fans (which gives them a leg up to other hosts) and you really get sucked into what they have to say. They always keep the discussion new and fun. Definitely a highly recommend podcast! I recommend it to people even if they aren’t into pop culture because it’s that good!

Like hanging out with friends.

Listening to this show is like getting together with friends to geek out over your latest obsession. As a huge Star Wars fan, I was excited to see Derek and Noah take on the new season of The Mandalorian. It's fun hearing their excitement for and speculation about it from the perspective of more casual Star Wars fans. A great illustration of how Star Wars is for everyone. The conversation is insightful yet light-hearted and fun. I find myself wanting to jump in and join the conversation as I listen.

So glad I stumbled upon this podcast!

I came across this pod on the Hill House subreddit and subbed before Bly Manor’s release. It was such a treat listening to Derek and Noah talk through and theorize about the show after I’d watched the season. And then to my delight they started covering The Mandolorian! These two hosts are positively delightful to listen to. Needless to say, you’ve made me a long time listener!

If you like Bly Manor, you’ll love their insights!

My sister recommended this podcast since we both read “the turn of the screw” in preparation for “the haunting of bly manor”. I have loved their retelling, reactions, and insights from both the book and the show. Enjoying it with them for their first time was truly a delight. Can’t wait to see what else is next! Keep on keeping on guys! You rock! Also, you will forever be my favorites since you mentioned the cold ghost from AYAOTD. My sister and I quote that ghost ant time we are cold 😂😍

Great recap podcast!

I found this podcast when looking for a Bly Manor recap and these guys do a great job recapping each episode, in addition to adding humor. I wish they got a little more in depth with the episodes and that the podcasts were a little longer but other than that they are great! Looking forward to hearing them recap more shows in the future.

A perfect bite

Loved the bly manor series. Love their energy and dynamic. Will swallow my pride and watch the Star Wars show just so I can listen to these lovely gents some more. Well done.

A Bite of Awesomeness!

This podcast covers bite size portions of pop culture interests of the 2 very entertaining hosts. The segments are hilarious and discussions informative. I absolutely love this podcast and look forward to episodes every week. Give it a try. Derek and Noah will NOT disappoint!

Instant favorite!

I started listening for Mandalorian, and now I’m excited to go back and listen to the old seasons! Derek and Noah are so smart and funny, what a treat to listen to!

Great podcast

I’m your biggest fan!

Came for The haunting...stayed for the refreshing content

Was looking for a bly manor recap show and they did a great job. Very engaging conversation. Was curious what they would do next and was pleasantly surprised I get to hear The Mandalorian discussion. Interested to go back and listen to their back catalog! Great job!

Each bite more delicious than the last

I thought I wouldn’t like properties being broken up into sections instead of the whole book/show/etc being covered in one episode. But I actually loved the bite-sized episodes. The hosts are a lot of fun, and I can’t wait for more episodes and subjects! Perfectly splendid. Update: I have to submit a follow up to my review bc I have fallen in love with this podcast. Derek & Noah are the best. I started with The Haunting of Bly Manor, but loved it so much that I then went back to listen to Turn of the Screw and Twilight. Also, Derek’s accents and voices have made me laugh so hard I’ve had to wipe away tears. I would listen to them recap the encyclopedia!


This podcast is such a good listen. I love the hosts and their chemistry. The number of times I laugh is too many to count. Very entertaining.

I love this podcast SO much!!!

I am so so happy I found this podcast! Derek and Noah have amazing chemistry and are so enjoyable to listen to! I love listening to this podcast in the mornings when I’m getting ready for work, it totally helps brighten my day! They have such a fun and funny take on everything pop culture! They also interact and talk with their followers (including me) on their social media which I really appreciate 💖

Perfect Energy

This podcast has been the most entertaining and my new favorite! Their energy is amazing! This is a podcast I could have on all day and not get tired of it! Good Job guys!

2 very enthusiastic thumbs up!

I didn’t know you could leave more than one review. I can’t stress how amazing the podcast is. Whether it’s a prediction, an accent or a giggle, not only the podcast, but the hosts are infectious, in the best way possible. I enjoyed Bly Manor more, after listening to their insightful pod. Plus, doing a pod after every show was phenomenal. Can’t wait for season 3.


These guys are so fun to listen to, and one of them has the best laugh, I love it. I started with Midnight Sun and kept going with Bly Manor. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

One of my favorite podcasts!

I haven’t listened to season one because I’m not into the twilight series but I have listened to season two and I have been very happy. I listened to their breakdown of The Turning of the Screw before I watched Bly Manor and I am so happy I did. It made the show much more enjoyable for me. There were still plenty of twists and turns in the show that not everything was spoiled but gave a nice little insight to the source material. I have also enjoyed listening to their breakdowns of each episode. I had seen several episodes before I started listening to the Bly Manor episodes of season two, so I understood why some things happened in the first episode because of what I had seen in others because of their detailed breakdowns and theories. Sometimes their theories were a little out there and sometimes they were right on the mark! Sometimes I almost wish we could have seen some of the theories this podcast came up with in the show. I can’t wait to see what Derek and Noah take a bite of next!

A Bite Of

Very enjoyable podcast.

Just found this!

So happy that I found the show. Love the concept. The chemistry of the hosts is a lot of fun to listen to. Go beards!