Aug. 26, 2020

Midnight Sun, Ch. 11-15 | Twilight Saga

Midnight Sun, Ch. 11-15 | Twilight Saga
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This week Derek & Noah's Bite is Chapters 11-15 of The Twilight Saga: Midnight Sun!
Edward asks Bella Swan a million questions, Alice gets tangled in the knot of the future, and we get a glimpse of baby vamp Edward.
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Midnight Sun: Chapters 11-15
"The Courting Quintet"

Chapter 11 - 3:10
Edward gives Bella a ride to school and the student body goes cray. He proceeds to spy on her all morning until they share some prizza.

Chapter 12 -12:13
No touchy! Ok, touchy. Edward plays matchmaker and Bella goes to gym.

Chapter 13 - 20:55
Edward plays 101 Questions with Bella at school. Billy Black sees a Cold One!

Chapter 14 - 31:25
Reflections of the passssttt and Alice's visions of an uncertain futurrreee.

Chapter 15 - 33:56
Emergency hunting sesh - sometimes the fork in the road has more than two prongs… and some extra mountain lion blood just to be sure. Edward revisits his past when reflecting on one of the outcomes of his and Bella’s future.