Aug. 31, 2020

'Midnight Sun,' Ch. 16-20 | Twilight Saga

'Midnight Sun,' Ch. 16-20 | Twilight Saga
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This week Derek & Noah's Bite is Chapters 16-20 of The Twilight Saga: Midnight Sun!
Edward takes Bella on a hike that ends in vomiting, Bella meets the Cullen family sans Rosalie, and we learn all about the origins of Alice, Carlisle, Emmet, Rosalie, Esme, and Jasper...FINALLY!
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Midnight Sun: Chapters 16-20

Chapter 16- 4:26
Bella and Edward finally have their day out together with matching outfits, a five-mile hike, and even more questions.

Chapter 17 - 11:00
Edward steps into the light and goes full disco ball. Bella is amazed so he runs away from her. He thinks of killing her and then tells her about all the times he wanted to kill her.

Chapter 18 - 19:30
The star crossed pair drive back to the Swan residence - on the way, Bella learns the origins of the second lives of the Cullen clan. Edward spends the night with her permission - finally!

Chapter 19 - 34:50
An early heart-to-heart with Rosalie then some deep conversation over off-brand Cheerios followed by a visit to the in-laws!

Chapter 20 - 44:35
A visit to Vampire Daddy Doctor’s home office and a glimpse into both his and Edward’s beginnings aka the Cullen Clan Commencement.