Aug. 26, 2020

'Midnight Sun,' Ch. 6-10 | Twilight Saga

'Midnight Sun,' Ch. 6-10 | Twilight Saga
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This week Derek & Noah's Bite is Chapters 6-10 of The Twilight Saga: Midnight Sun! Edward finally comes out of the vampiric closet, Jacob Black gets his first mention and Vampire Daddy Doctor Carlisle Cullen finishes his sons after school project.

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Midnight Sun: Chapters 6-10

Chapter 6 -3:53
Edward gets another check in the creeper column. He and Bella have their longest conversation yet in the cafeteria. Edward likes Bella, but not Mike. Bella likes lemonade, but not blood. A ride home with classical music follows.

Chapter 7 -19:14
We join the Cullens for a lazy after-school afternoon where they take up their daily hobbies. Edward and Emmett go on a bear hunt, and Edward rounds out the weekend with an early morning stalk session at the Swan residence.

Chapter 8 - 27:51
Sunlight reigns over Forks forcing Edward to watch Bella from the trees at school and at home. Bella denies Mike a date (he turns to Jessica) and then she falls asleep reading Jane Austen.

Chapter 9 -32:40
Bella’s trip to Port Angeles with Jessica and Angela takes a dark turn. After she is almost attacked, she and Edward have an unofficial first date - Italiano!

Chapter 10 -37:51
On the long ride home from Port Angeles, Edward comes out of the vampiric closet.